Projects HIC

Hendi info center consisted of networked information centers established in municipalities throughout Serbia who had the task to continuously collect information and provide information services to all those who would like to participate in a constructive way in the anti-discriminatory employment policy, education, social and other issues related to PWD .

People with disabilities and others interested in joining the site Hendi info center may obtain information from any area of any city in the country. Also, people with disabilities from abroad and interested in touring our country can be informed about everything that is a need of PWD.
The idea Hendi Info Center (abbreviated HIC) aims, through its activities and cooperation with local NGOs and associations point out local governments on issues PWD persons with whom they encounter in daily life (transport, health, education, sport and recreation, institutions, cultural institutions, ...)

This specific database is designed for PWD and presented in the form of maps of cities.
Areas that were presented through the site

- available transport PWD, the possibility of using specialized vans local public transport, the ability to transport organized through various humanitarian and NGO

- create lists of people with disabilities, with the records of the technical and business capacities

- tourist facilities and opportunities in tourism for people with disabilities in terms of organized rehabilitation and other forms of tourism

- legal, social, medical, business and other aspects of defining and clarifying the rights and benefits of persons with disabilities

- educational facilities for children and young people with disabilities as well as the possibility of qualification, qualification, and other forms of career guidance for handicapped persons

- record keeping and coordination of activities related to sports, recreation and rehabilitation activities for people with disabilities

- organizing and coordinating volunteers who would like to help people with disabilities in everyday and other activities

- medical and other aspects of the coordination and activities related to therapy and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities

- access to restaurants, cafes, bars, ...

Imposes itself as the logical conclusion of the necessity of linking associations of persons with disabilities at the level of the Republic as well as the adequate intake, exchange and update information centrally. It would certainly persons with disabilities provided various benefits in the form of planning, communication, orientation, employment, help, etc..




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