Sound design


In plesant and adequate space of Hendi center Coloseum, from 26.3.-2.7.2015. , held successfully Workshops of recording and sound and music design. At the workshops were attended by 11 participants of which 4 were eligible to receive certificate, after they attended more than 13 workshops. The educator was Zeljka Milosevic.

At the workshops, through theoretical and practical work in the field of topics covered grounds of acoustics, recording techniques and sound processing, MIDI technology, arranging music and applied sound and music which the objectives are met within the plan and program. In addition, the participants are shown and divided into the many examples of materials in digital form in order to facilitate the learning program, and encouraging further dealing with this area. They were presented and various devices for recording and processing of sound and musical instruments. During the workshop is presented and simulation of the entire process of creating a product in the field of music production.

Formed group was mixed according to abilities, as well as by gender and age but was extremely homogeneous in working together and cooperated perfectly. Participants helped each other during the work that made atmosphere even more comfortable and more beautiful to work in.

Participants showed great interest, they were active during the workshops and regulary done their homeworks. They made their own proposals and ideas while one of the participant, Milena Apostolović, already applied her knowledge to the project within her faculty.

Some workshops were adapt to needs of the attendants, and as a part of the same are made products from which we mark “Sound picture book” that were shown on BOSIFEST. The songs of attendant Sava Bozic were recorded and than published on the internet.

Some of the main activities of this workshop are:

  1. Presentation, introduction, presentation of the program, the importance of the program, the applicability of the material, what is sound design and technological base, the release of the case, talk about the sound. what is sound, what belongs to the sound, where we hear the sound, the role of sound, what we can do with sound
  2. Identifying sound and timbres, meanings of sound, sound metaphor and metonymy (baby crying - life, the murmur of water - course of life, just sizzling EKG - death etc.), the sound in the role of emotions, defining with words the sound that we hear (scary , gentle, lyrical, dramatic, horror, psycho, funny, uncertain, etc.), defining the sounds that we hear with colors (dark, came down, purple)
  3. Sound detection instruments, the use of sound instruments for individual scenes and emotions (tremolo violins of uncertainty, the saxophone for a club atmosphere, the horn for forest, mountain, clearing, etc.), the type of tone (simple and complex), sound sine wave, frequency, oscillation , wavelength, examples
  4. Types of recording (mechanical, magnetic, optical and digital), a technique for recording and reproduction of sound - base (microphone, speakers, amplifier, different types of recorders, computers), voice recording
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